Latest Sensation:
A real T. rex on display in the Dinosaur Museum Altmühltal! Also, the largest pterosaur ever to be found!
New Museum Hall:
An adventure in every season
For all ages:
Adventure trail of about 1,5 kilometers through the woods of the Dinosaur Museum

The museum –

air-conditioned with regenerative energy

Experiencing science – understanding conclusions – getting to know facts – the Dinosaur Museum is open all year round for all of this and more. Here you can have a thrilling time, even in rain or in winter.

opening hours

Daily 9am – 4pm
(Winter season until 27/03/2020)
open also on sundays and holidays
(Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve closed)

Phone. +49 84 66 – 90 46 813


opening hours

Daily 9am – 6pm (Summer season)
open also on sundays and holidays (365 days a year)

Phone. +49 84 66 – 90 46 813


What was it like, when flying reptiles, terrestrial saurians as well as marine saurians inhabitet the earth? What happened to make the dinosaurs become extinct? Following an adventure trail of about 1,5 kilometers through the woods of the Dinosaur Museum, you start on an exciting journey through the different geological eras and plunge into 400 million years of earth’s development. More than 70 models of prehistoric animals along the path will make you feel part of earth’s former history. However, huge Brachiosaurus, massive Diplodocus, dangerous T.rex among many others are not only there to be looked at, you can also touch them and learn about the latest scientific findings concerning those fascinating prehistoric giants.


In the Dinosaur Museum Altmuehltal you can gain knowledge by being active. Visitors can understand Palaeontology by splitting stone slabs or geodes, can dig for fossils or look for sharks teeth that are millions of years old. Our activity hall with its various opportunities invites you to test your skills – by sprinting against dinosaurs or by excavating fossil dinosaur bones, to name a few options. Anything you do, see and experience in the Dinosaur Museum will enhance your knowledge about the immense period of time between the Palaeozoic and today.


What could be better than relaxing in spectacular surroundings in our restaurant by the lake or in our cozy beergarden in the forest after you’ve had a great time exploring the park, marvelling at the original fossils and taking part in our many activities? We invite you to enjoy a selection of all-natural dishes. Of course, the menu includes vegetarian and vegan alternatives. And we are always glad to accommodate customers with food intolerances or allergies. Play and adventure grounds for all ages near the gastronomy guarantee an entertaining time for kids of all ages and a relaxing time for adults.


In the Dinosaur Museum you can experience real dinosaur skeletons, such as “Rocky”, the only T. rex teenager ever found. Other highlight include “Dracula” from Transylvania – the most powerful pterodactyl ever excavated. And the oldest geological fossil of the Archaeopteryx, a prehistoric bird.


  • World sensation:
    Real T. rex skeleton

Reconstruction in original size of the largest and heaviest pterosaur ever discovered!

  • 1.5 km adventure trail through the history of the earth
  • Beergarden
  • Playgrounds
  • Museum shop
  • Oldest Archeopteryx
  • Regional and sustainable gastronomy
  • The menu includes vegetarian and vegan alternatives
  • Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash
  • Find & keep real fossils in our activity hall
  • Accessible
  • Free parking
  • Bus stop right at the entrance


The Dinosaur Museum Altmuehltal is located only 2000 meters from the motorway A9. There are sufficientparking spaces close to the entrance for buses and private cars. If you want to use public transport, you can easily take a bus from Ingolstadt or Kinding station. The park is accessible for people with

Dogs on a lead are welcome.

We accept EC and credit cards.